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join us by leading the charge of change for pilots & passengers
Designed By The World's Leading Industry Professionals
Designed By The World's Leading Industry Professionals



Robert Zummo
Chairman & CEO
Andy Logan
Chief Technology Officer Consult
Lisa Roulette
Vice President
Member of the Board
Mike Shivsky
Kurt Zimmerman
Chief Engine Special Consult
Dave Oglesbee
Chief Marketing Consultant
Lance Oglesbee
Special Op's Liaison Consult
Kathy McDaniel
Former Black Hawk Operator
Member of the Board
In a nutshell
  • No Tail Boom, No Transmission, No Torque - easier to fly, less need for pilot skill.
  • Complete Vertical Take Off & Landing - no need for forward flight, drop in landings, incredible maneuverability.
  • Complete Autorotation -even with the engine turned off making it significantly safer.
  • 2x Range & 3x Payload - expected to outperform even the best helcipoters on the market today. 
  • ​Costs Less To Own & Operate - 45% fewer parts, and significantly less downtime.
A safer, more efficient, cost effective helicopter,
 even your Mother could fly.

Source: USAF Getty Images
Mission Critical Drone Design
Perfect for rescue missions- Our mission critical drone design is a natural extension of our base helicopter technology and has the endurance needed to fly far beyond line of sight and into combat zones without risking the precious lives of our military men and women. Designed to carry major payload, it will be able to deliver essential medical and survival supplies to any friendly area in distress. Now- we need your help to move full steam ahead and show the US Department of Defense what we've designed on behalf of our service men and women.
" The Solution for pilots and passengers who want a safer, more efficient way to fly. "
Watch our exclusive DESIGN DEMO that shows our technology in action.
How We Differ
Modern Day Reaction Jet Drive Technology that works for pilots, and passengers.

We've designed an enhanced reaction jet drive helicopter with four patents to ensure top performance across the board. 

Our design is not only easier to fly because there are less demands on the pilot, but it also more agile in tight environments, making it perfect for municipal work, mountain ranges, recon and surveillance.

The product is suited for corporate, travel and leisure, oil and gas, and defense operations, because it can be equipped for combat if need be.

And, if you really want it- we'll make it a kit! 
Heli lover & Drone enthusiast
We're serious about changing VTOL flight. With four patents and a team from some of the biggest names in the industry including Boeing, Sikorsky, MD Helicopter, and NASA we are well equipped to bring our shared vision into reality.

Imagine a helicopter with zero torque because there's no transmission. One that achieves complete vertical take off and landing without need for forward flight. AND, one that it is safer and more efficient because we built that into the design especially for YOU.

Our Helicopter IS NOT Electric Because Electric Is Severely Limits Performance.

Bobby Sampson,
Helicopter Pilot, Nebraska
"This is a success story that will be lost to history unless someone is bold to make it happen!"
Letter From The CEO
After A Decade of Research & $4M - We're Ready To Fly
Dear Friend,

Thank you for taking the time to read this personal letter from me. I formed this company 10 years ago with a dream to make VTOL flight a superior experience, for pilots and passengers alike. And the time to share that dream with you has finally arrived.

Our team of experts has worked tirelessly to create solutions that are going to change an old industry with its grips in your pockets. Together, we can create the freedom that is rightfully ours by using technology that is simple, safe, and once again superior.

I welcome you to the future of VTOL flight, and I'm proud to say I own it with you!
Can I Buy One Now?
Unfortunately you can't buy one yet, but you will be able to soon enough! Additionally, we plan to make a kit version so our helicopters will be affordable for people who have always dreamed of owning one.
Why Not Electric? Isn't Everything Headed There?
One of the primary objectives of our patents is to increase payload and range. The current batteries that power electric flight have nowhere near what they need to carry a decent amount of payload. Nor can they reach extended range because of their need to be recharged often.  
Is The Drone Design Going to be Available to The Public?
Unfortunately, no. We've designed a mission critical drone for our service men and women. Once we make a proposal to the Department of Defense, we anticipate that the design will be classified. But don't forget, if we're awarded a contract, you share in our profit if YOU OWN IT WITH US!
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