What is reaction jet technology?

In a reaction jet, the main rotor is driven by pumping high-pressure air through a swash plate and through hollow blades until it is expelled at the tips of the blades. This causes main rotor rotation but it does not create torque on the helicopter fuselage. Thus, no anti-torque feature is required in a ZFT Vertical Lift.

Hasn't reaction jet technology been developed before?

Yes, but it was very limited in its original design. We’ve spent io years and $5M dissecting the inherent limitations of reaction jet technology and have developed 4 solution-based patents that will make reaction jet drive best performing vertical lift system in the world.

If it's so great then why haven't big companies like Boeing, MD & Sikorsky developed their own solutions to reaction jet drive technology?

The major Original Equipment Manufactures such as Boeing, MD, Sikorsky and more, thrive on complexity. It is estimated that 8o% of their profits come from afterparts and maintenance. Since the solution-based reaction jet drive system is safer and more efficient they would loose a vital segment of their revenue if they employed our technology. This could lead to massive lay offs and ultimately render their current designs obsolete.

What's the next step for you company?

We’ve assembled a team of engineers and marketers who are seasoned industry veterans to carry the project into it’s third generation. In conjunction with Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, AZ, our team will co-develop the next gen prototype starting in 2020.

Who can Invest?

Anyone is welcome to invest with us and be part of the aeronautical revolution. Click any button on the page to contact us and learn more.

Can you sum it up for me?

Sure can.

  • No Tail Boom (major cause of fatal accidents)
  • No Transmission (complex system that fails)
  • No Tail Rotor (prone to failure)
  • No Reduction Gears (difficult to operate and prone to failure
  • 20% Lighter
  • 3x More Payload
  • 45% Few Parts
  • Safer & Easier To Fly, Opens New Markets Around The World.