• 45% Fewer Parts
  • 20% Lighter
  • 2x Range
  • 3x Payload

The Problem

Today’s Rotorcraft are Unsafe, Complex & Difficult to Fly

Primary Cause of Fatal Accidents

Prone to failure

  • Transmissions
  • Tail Rotors
  • Linkages
  • Gear Boxes
  • Disengage Systems
  • High Cost to Build
  • High Cost to Buy
  • High Cost to Maintain
  • And Take Exceptional Skills to Fly

Our Solution

A Safer More Efficient Rotor Craft System (Helicopter & Drones)

Technology Highlights

  • Safer
  • Easier to Fly
  • More Efficient
  • Quieter
  • Less Maintenance/Downtime
  • Costs Less to Own/Operate
  • 20% Lighter and 45% Less Parts Required
  • No Transmission, No Tail Rotor & No Tail Boom
  • No Reduction Gears
  • Twice (2X) the Range
  • Three Times (3X) the Payload
  • Suitable for the +$127B Total Addressable Helicopter & Unmanned Drone Market

Our Technology vs. Conventional Helicopters

Simplicity vs Complexity

Take At

Look at our design

Patented technologies that will triple the lift capacity

Our Unique Difference

  • Our rotor is driven by high pressure air through a swash plate
  • The air is run through hollow blades until it is expelled at the tips of the blades
  • This causes main rotor rotation but does not create torque
  • No Anti Torque technology is required

Here’s a

Look at a conventional helicopters

The Problem:

  • Today’s technology costs Money and Lives.
  • By nature, each one of these systems is inherently complicated. Each has to function perfectly on its own and together they must perform like a symphony in order to drive a successful and safe mission. Conventional Rotorcraft Systems are expensive to produce, subject to lengthy downtime for maintenance and regularly take a toll on the owners’ bank account and the operators’ safety

Complex, dangerous systems that take a toll on the owner & operator.

Are you as excited as we are?

Projected Performance

Our System vs Other System

We are taking it to the next level

When all patents are tested & integrated, the following chart displays our projected performance

“ZFT Reaction Drive Unmanned/Manned System vs Conventional Helicopters MD 500 NOTAR (No Tail Rotor)”
  • Reaction Jet without our Circulation Control (CC)(patent granted) and without our recuperator (patent granted)
  • 6-seat MD-500 NOTAR helicopter
  • ZFT Helicopter with only Circulation Control blades
  • ZFT Helicopter with both CC and Recuperator

The Technology

Four Patents, Superior Safety & Performance, Air Pressure Het Technology That can be Leveraged for Helicopters & Drones



Recuperated Gas Turbine System

Improves fuel efficiency and rangeby 25%



Rotor Cone

Reduces air pressure energy losses by up to 50%. Air moves from turbine engine and directs it through the cone into the blades and out of the blade tips.



Circulation Control Blades

Increases coefficient of lift, increasing payload, speed, and range



Supersonic Nozzles

Reduces air pressure loss by 20% & provides high thrust at blade tips. Produces more lift force with benefits to payload, speed, and range

Own a peice of the action


Dead Man’s Curve Comparisons/Projections

The safetst rotorcraft system the industry has Ever Seen

  • No connection between engine and rotor makes engine failure MORE SURVIVABLE
  • Pilots have greater time to enter autorotation
  • ZFT avoids concerns of “Dead Man’s Curve” (high-risk combinations of speed and height)

New Markets

Simplicity & Safety Open New Markets For Our Technology To Sell In

Instead of only 10% of the World Population having the Skills to Fly a VLS, 90% will have the Skills to Fly a ZFT VLS due to the Vehicles Inherent Simplicity

New Markets


  • Corporation
  • Pleasure Seekers
  • Commuters
  • Traffic Control
  • Executive Travel
  • Law Enforcement
  • Island Hoping
  • Medical Evacuation

New Markets


  • Border Patrol
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Search & Rescue
  • Training
  • Armed Combat Missions
  • Extended Range Surveillance


Hear What Some of The Best Players in the Industry are Saying About ZFT

“He technology is safer and easier to fly. The concept is going to impact the industry by creating a whole new market that doesn't exist right now. It's a safe, affordable way for people to get around yet it stacks up well against a single engine certified helicopter. 10x more people have the skill set to fly this than they do a normal helicopter. From an investment point of view, the margins of cost to price are EXTRAORDINARY. It has the imagination and integrity to be a solid investment.”

Andy Logan

"Father of Notar" 3 Patent Holder | Senior Engineering/Management McDonnell Douglas | MD Helicopter Boeing Sikorsky Aircraft

“ZFT is a game changer in the simplicity it offers, the ease at which people can fly it and the safety aspect. The aircraft will have great viability as it pertains to where it will be operated particularly if it's used by military or special ops.”

Dave Oglesbee

President DLO Associates Former Vice President Leasing/UAS Development Era Helicopters Director of Sales and Marketing Uniflight Business Development Director Aero Dynamix Schweizer Aircraft Company (division of Sikorsky Helicopters) United Technologies Corporation President Gauntlet Aviation, Vice President of Sales and Marketing MD Helicopters


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